memory loss

Yea…another post. Decided that it didn’t feel right to go under the previous post title. So there.

Thank God for me and my “wonderful” memory. My memory needs a little push to remember things.

Just yesterday, I saw Per online with her nick “Little Miss Chookies”. I was puzzled why she used that nick. Coz Australians call chickens, “chooks”. She replied that she used to use that nick. Well, that was a push to my memory. And I remembered she told me before that coz of a typo error, “cookies” became “chookies”.

Aunty Mdm Heng *cleaning lady* called today to tell Mum about the vacuum cleaner. Mum asked both of us about it. That’s when I realised I forgot to tell her about it. Aunty told me on Monday to tell Mum about it and I cleanly forgot about it. Oh dear…

And lastly…I forgot to mark down on my calendar to keep the evening of 20th March free. Going to the shakespeare play *the pic that I posted earlier*. When Sis told me, I told myself to go write it down on my calendar. Guess what…I forgot.

I keep forgetting to ask Raynor whether it’s ok to upload the flash file *for the music here* to trilight. Don’t want to get him into any trouble.

God knows what other things I’ve forgotten…

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