Thought that the fullstop might be drawn tomorrow. But I guess it was meant to be drawn today.

And with that, another chapter ends. I had to make a decision fast. And I believe that when a decision/choice is made, don’t turn back. I do not regret anything. There is no room for regrets, only to look forward to what’s to come from now on. Whether good or bad, life still has to go on.

Remember the wallpaper before this? The Ayu one? The words “Some things are meant to be left unsaid”. Some things were truly left unsaid. But by the simple actions, all was said. Actions really speak louder than words.

Alrighty now…Elisia-chan, ganbare!

I went to TM after school with the hope of checking out clothes. Feel like adding on to my cupboard of clothes. Ended up feeling lazy since I bought dinner. Didn’t want to carry my food all round. That didn’t mean I went home empty handed. I bought a few more colour pens. Mehehehe…colour pens make me happy. Have like tons all around the house but who cares. Seeing those colours and using them to decorate this and that makes me happy. Call me weird if you like…I oh-so don’t care.

Woot…today’s episode of CSI left me a little sayless *a word invented by Nad to replace “speechless”*. To think an 8-year-old girl can murder an old lady. Stabbed her with a pen. And the girl wasn’t even sorry for what she did. She had this pretty scary hateful look on her face. Her words reeked with hate. And all she wanted was the old lady’s cat.

Someday I should take a photo of our storeroom. The purpose of a storeroom is to store all the bits and pieces that do not exactly belong or fit into the other rooms. Or the stuff that’s seldom used. I think our family makes FULL use of it. There’s hardly any walking space left. And should anybody need something from the cupboards, they yell for me aka spiderman to climb to get stuff. -_-|||

Haha…Sis and I often laugh about it. Remember those programmes? The ones where they come and makeover your house for free? Or the ones that compete to win an award for best house or something? Wahahahahaha…they’ll NEVER choose ours. We have TOO MUCH junk! *rofl*

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