shrek and donkey

Watched “Shrek 2” with Sis, James, Timmy, James’s mum (Joyce) this morning. The movie’s hilarious. Especially the part where Pinocchio and gang came to free Shrek.

And I like the donkey. Haha. Although he’s considered to be the most irritating in the movie.

Gosh! The little boy can really eat. Timmy finished a Big Breakfast from Mac all by himself. After the movie, he could still eat an Ebi rice burger when the rest of us were like still full from breakkie.

Went home. Caught up on sleep since I woke up pretty early today although I slept at 4am.

Hmmm…am I slow or something? Did the post office just increase the price to send a letter? I used the S.A.M machine to buy a stamp. However I realised that there wasn’t an option to buy a 22 cent stamp but an option to buy a 23 cent stamp instead. If I recall correctly, it used to be an option to buy a 22 cent stamp.

Yay. I’m meeting Xianglin on Monday.

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