lazy butt

[edited at 2.14am]
*lol* Having fun checking through all my media files I downloaded. Discovered this one by Power98. The one where they did Star Wars in Hokkien. It’s as funny as the Wu Jian Dao CDPro2 one.

[edited at 1.34am]
Haha. Per made icons for the 7ners. So cute. *rofl* 7ners, you can download it at her blog.

Thanks for the compliments though I think this layout isn’t that great. Still got a lot to improve.

Heh…I’ve just got my lazy butt to work. Spent time today to backup the stuff on my computer. Getting ready to reformat.

Not really lazy lahz. Spent the last few nights doing some vcd watching and sewing. Almost done with the piece I’m sewing.

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