horrors of fogging

*wails* I absolutely hate it when they fog our block. It means the kitchen will be totally out of bounds coz it’ll be strewn with dead and half-dead roaches. And for the next 2 days, it’ll be wise not to open the chute.

The windows weren’t open coz I was in the study room the whole time. I heard and saw them fogging the opposite block. Thought they wouldn’t fog ours. Who knows, when I opened the door to answer the phone…I was greeted by a very smelly house. Gawd…I could have died.

Even going out will be a bad choice. Coz the floors downstairs will also be strewn with roaches. *wails*

Let me tell you something even more disgusting. After fogging, it’s poison to the roaches right? Ya…they kinda bleed or something. There’s this brownish juice that leaks out of their bodies. I can see all the disgusted faces now.

I wonder why they keep fogging our area. And stop laughing, it ain’t funny. It’s tormenting.

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