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Argh…I’m going crazy coz my computer is going cranky on me again. This time it’s the internet explorer. Everytime I close a window, internet explorer needs to close coz of some freakin’ error.

Got a call regarding SIP. Asked me to come down for an interview on Thursday. NCS. I’m having mixed feelings about it. On one hand, I’m excited. On the other hand, the whole no confidence thing is playing up. What if I screw up while doing the job? Gawd…I talk as if I got the job already. *smacks forehead*

Met Xianglin at PS. Had dinner at Pasta Mania. Although it was a short time together, I enjoyed it all the same. 🙂

Yes…back with a new entry.

Just read Shuyun’s blog and I couldn’t agree more with what she entered in her entry.

Perfect…perfectionism. Something people look for. Something people strive for. Something people apologise for not being enough. Everybody expects differently therefore, where do you draw the line?

“when i miss you, it’s the imperfection that i miss.” Take a look at that. Now think about it. Isn’t it true? Coz of your imperfections, it makes you all the more different from another. All the more unique.

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