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Woohoo! I can get to watch “The Passion of Christ”. It’s not R(A). First saw the advertisement for this movie on Mum’s copy of Catholic News. Sis just confirmed that the movie is not R(A).

I don’t know whether to feel happy for the couple or to laugh. Yesterday, I visited Jo’s blog…Diary-X blog. A pink page popped up instead of her blog layout. Thought she changed her layout.

After reading the first few lines, I thought this person hacked into the diary-x system. And that page was some virus. However, I checked the link to the girl’s blog and decided that it’s not a hoax.

You see…the contents on that page was actually a proposal. For all the curious and kaypoh people. Yes…you can view the page here. And the girl blogged her answer. She said yes.

To which, 70+ people commented on that entry. Many to congratulate them. Some felt that it’s not right. Marriage is a life-long commitment. Saying “I do” means that you promise to love each other, cherish each other, care for each other, go through the good and bad together and lots more.

Well, that’s why the wedding vows existed right? I often wonder whether couples understand and mean what they recite or they just recite for the sake of getting on with the ceremony. Coz why do you make a vow…a promise only to break it in the end? Then is that vow that you made worth anything anymore?

Well, that’s just my 2-cents worth on marriage.

Today is Kelvin sensei’s birthday. Louis’s famous words keep flashing in my mind…”worst”. Can’t believe I didn’t even know. How can I not know it’s sensei’s birthday. He sms-ed me while I was sleeping at home. Asked if I’m joining them for lunch. I wonder if it had anything to do with his birthday. Damn damn damn…*stabs myself*

I only knew about it during the break before ADID lab. When Cas called coz they got him a slice of cake and a card. Wanted to surprise him.

IN3D presentation was ok. Nervous as usual. I dislike presentations. Get so nervous. And I tend to stumble over my words or forget stuff whenever I get nervous. Don’t even know whether I was loud enough…bleargh. I bet I’ll be pretty nervous for the OSIP interview tomorrow. -_-|||

Last night Mum passed us some money. Dad got a bonus at work so he shared it out with the whole family. Proud of my Dad. *beams*

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