advertisements lie

What you see may not be what you get. KFC advertised their new huge juicy mushroom and chicken burger on tv. In actual fact, the burger is nothing wonderful.

Advertisements are just an evil ploy to brainwash unsuspecting people into throwing money away. Muahahahaha…

Qoo towne is coming! Qoo towne is coming! 9 to 28 April at Cineleisure. Lotsa Qoo stuff. Can you say yay? *excited*

A few new movies coming too. Chick flick “The Prince and Me” starring Julia Stiles. Opening on 9 April. Then there’s “Van Hellsing” opening in May I think. I knew about this movie some time ago coz Sis went to download the trailer. She also downloaded another trailer for “13 Going On 30” starring Jennifer Garner. No news about it yet in Singapore.

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