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Those who have digicams…here comes another digital photo competition. This time by Health Promotion Board. More details here.

And for those who think they are pro at Flash MX and ActionScript. Something you might like to consider. More details here. Sounds pretty chim though. Not my cup of tea.

The results for the digital photo competition by IDA are out. View the winning entries here.

Good news. I got shortlisted for the interview for OSIP. It’s next Tuesday. Seriously, I still think it’s a pretty slim chance. But anyway…I’ve already come that far. Better to have tried than nothing at all.

CMSK meeting skills assessment was ok. I don’t know if you consider it suay or lucky but I drew out the lot to be chairperson. Miss Ng said that whoever who got that lot must go and buy 4D. *to Wee Hua, Louis, Lay Chu and Siti* So, where’s my number from each of you? *kidding* I think I sucked at being the chairperson. Hell…I don’t even know how to be one. I was just racking my brains for what to say to move the meeting along. Anyway, it’s over. 🙂

Heh…the reason why I complained about the Shrooms burger coz it’s too SMALL! Ate that again today to confirm. Yep…definitely too small. Had dinner around 7.30pm and now at around 11+pm, I’m hungry again. -_-|||

I went to TM MJ with a mission to get the Xue Tian Shi soundtrack. When I saw the Arashi How’s It Going? Summer 2003 concert vcd, I ditched the idea of getting the soundtrack. Heh…only got enough money for one item. So it’s either or…too bad, Arashi was more appealing. Muahahahaha…

Tomorrow there’s make-up lessons for ORDS. After which our group will be discussing on the ORDS project. Wanted to go to Toro’s autograph session but project comes first. Oh well…never mind. Going to the Shakespeare play tomorrow with Sis and Desmond. Hehe…can’t wait to laugh till my sides ache.

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