sukitte ii nayo

A movie adaptation of a manga/anime series I am following, 好きっていいなよ (Say “I Love You”). Another plain-jane-falls-for-handsome-and-popular-guy type of story (or is it the other way round?). It’s kind of unbelievable that a popular guy would fall for a plain jane like that, but who cares? It’s just a fictional story.

The movie captured pretty much most of the important scenes at the beginning of the manga and where the anime ended off. Again, certain parts were changed to fit the movie, but there was not too much deviation from the original. The actors/actresses that were casted fit the roles fairly well. A more handsome actor could have been chosen for Kurosawa Yamato though. But some credit should be given to Fukushi Souta who played the character. He managed to bring out the more down-to-earth part of the character — the one who doesn’t care for fame, the one who is a regular guy with fears for the future. If I wanted to point out anything negatively, I’ll say that the acting for Aiko’s character was a little flat. The movie also didn’t introduce Megumi’s character too much, which I thought they should as this character was the one who stirred up a lot of emotions between the lovers. Oh! And what about their cats? That was missing too. The cats were a good part of the story as they helped to break down the distance between the two. Dang.

Overall, I would say this movie was a good effort but I still prefer the manga/anime. Still waiting for the second part of the anime…

2 thoughts on “sukitte ii nayo

  1. originals are always better for me. like for BLEACH I prefer the manga since it was released in that medium first and I prefer the anime version of gundam SEED because the manga was SO BAD D:

    ONLY exception would be fullmetal alchemist and maybe rurouni kenshin. FMA has excellent storylines for both manga and anime. wonder how would a live movie adaption would be like. as for RK, I love both as well and have yet to watch the two movies. to be honest I’m a little hesitant to watch it for I fear that I may dislike it >.<

    • I like to watch movie adaptations just for fun. See how much they follow the original. Haha.

      Am waiting for Attack on Titan movie to be shown here. Have a movie date set with ex-colleague.

      Haven’t watched the Rourouni Kenshin movies (or the anime) so can’t comment much.

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