karma will teach you

Karma will teach you not to laugh at people.

A primary school friend recently posted her primary school class photo on Facebook. Amid all the excited chatter about our memories, I couldn’t help but notice a few people on my friend list — from primary school and beyond. There are the misfits and the people who stuck out like sore thumbs back when I first knew them.┬áBack then, we would bitch about and laugh at them, make silly comments about their weird behaviour. Well, just look at where they are now.┬áTeachers, managers, etc. All successful people in the career paths they have chosen.

Just look at me. I went to college, got my degree, was in a good job, quit and am now a full-time homemaker. No one knows what the future holds. So before you pass judgement on other people, do reflect on your life.

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