new beginnings

I recently changed webhosting companies. It’s not like I was unsatisfied with Webby Tech’s service. After all, I’ve been with the company since the time it was known as Netrillium and then AxisHost. The staff (which I suspect is only one person named Josh), has been very helpful and responsive to all my queries. You should just check out the number of tickets I’ve posted asking for help (usually pretty trivial matters) and all have been met with a great level of professionalism. It’s just that I have plans to expand what I’m doing with my domain now and I’m finding the most optimal solution to it. I’ve switched my hosting plans a couple of times with the last switch being fairly recent, but somehow I just couldn’t find something within Webby Tech that would satisfy me.

Thanks to Nick for recommending Vodien. The hosting plan costs more, but in terms of value, I think it’s worth paying that extra bit. Also, Vodien is a local company so I no longer have to wait for a response due to time difference or grapple with currency exchange (e.g. How much is this in SGD?) The folks at Vodien are very helpful too. I got them to help me with the domain transfer, which they did so for FREE. Really happy with their service.

New year, new beginnings. Thanks Webby Tech for hosting all these years. It has been a good 10 or so years. Vodien, am looking forward to many more years of great service with you. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “new beginnings

  1. omgsh. you stuck with netrillium all these years! I’m so shocked! only because they failed to deliver for me that’s why I left them when they merged with axishost. yay to new beginnings XD

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