jayesslee concert

We almost couldn’t get a chance to go to the Jayesslee concert because the tickets sold out so quickly. But two more concert sessions were opened up and we managed to get tickets to the concert on Saturday night. Off I went to the concert with Serena, Marissa and Lynette.

Thanks Marissa for the wefie. Not great quality but ok I guess.

If you don’t know who Jayesslee are, they are a pair of Korean-Australian twins who got famous on YouTube for singing covers. Their cover of Tamia’s “Officially Missing You” went viral and was what got them famous.


I was more excited that they brought their babies (and husbands) along too. Their babies are so cute! Jordan is like an exact replica (looks) of his dad. He is very responsive which Aunt Janice can attest to. After asking Jordan to shake his head, she looked at her son, Shane and asked him what can he do…nothing. XD Awww…but Shane’s younger than Jordan by three months and he’s cute too, so all is forgiven.

Before I go all gaga about their babies, I should be talking about the concert and their music. They sang covers of newer songs but what impressed me was their cover of Ariana Grande’s “Problem”. Sonia actually did the rap very well. And both sisters tried a bit of beatboxing. How cool is that? Janice also showed off her new piano-playing skills which was pretty good. Yea, they were sharing how Sonia was the more musically talented sister because she played the guitar and how for years Janice only could play the shaker or tambourine. So finally, Janice upgraded her musical skills and started playing the piano.

I was waiting for them to sing Taeyang’s “Nun, Ko, Ib” (Eyes, Nose, Lips) and they eventually did. Yay! Love that song. I also love this other Korean song they covered a long time ago. It’s a blessing song which was also sung by Super Junior. I’m always awed by people who can harmonise just like that. I think that was what got me hooked on their singing.

I know some would find it awkward, but they did sing a couple of Christian songs and proclaim their faith in God. Yup, they actually started out singing Christian songs and have always stressed that they would like to share their faith through music. So, I really wasn’t surprised when they started singing Christian songs at their concert. In fact, I really liked their cover of Hillsong United’s “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)”. If I really had to comment, I’d say that their covers of those Christian songs were really powerful. You could feel their heart and soul were poured into singing those songs…more than when they were singing the other pop songs. Guess that’s the power of faith.

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