lemony snicket

Today’s my grandma’s birthday. We celebrated with her yesterday. Simple meal together. And I was quite relieved/glad that my grandpa actually talked a bit. Ever since he had a little accident years ago, he became quite withdrawn and because of that, he started to age a lot quicker.

Watched “Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events”. Quite a nice show actually. Sunny’s so cute! And yes…don’t watch it if you are expecting to see happy little elves. Wahahahahahahaha…

I saw this nice sweater/jacket from Fila. But it’s expensive. Bleargh. James offered his Fila card to get a 15% discount. But with the discount, I still think it’s expensive and it’s not like I’m in need of one. It’s more of a want. I need to really think through if I want to get it. Like after I buy it, will I keep using it? If not, it’s pointless to spend so much.

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