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So…went to the IT show at Suntec yesterday and today. Yesterday was just to check out stuff and compare prices. Went with Per and Pwen.

Looked for Ling…she was working at the Kingston counter. Saw Benjamin too, working at the Acer counter. Later in the night, Sis told me Esther was working at the NEC counter.

We checked out the UK education fair as well. The minute I stepped into the hall, I felt kinda lost. Seeing people walk into there, asking questions to the people at the booth of a particular school, and me? What was I there for? Nothing. Just to accompany Per who wanted to check out a certain school. I don’t even know what I want to study.

Well, but my presence there did help London a little. We signed in their bid for being the next host country for the Olympics. After Beijing. Oh…and I did a survey by the British Council. Haha…

Per took a Samsung pamphlet this guy was giving out. And there was this huge error staring right in her face. If you can spot it, yay for you. Else, *disgusted look*

“Visit Samsung Roadshow at Suntec City Convention Hall 602 for fanstastic deals.”

Today, I got myself a webcam from the IT show. $29…Ranger Vcam365. Don’t need an extremely good one since it’s just for fun. It has a built-in microphone too.

Today was with Jo and later Per joined us. And today was worse. More people. Human-jam.

Later, went shoe shopping with Jo. She needed a pair of slippers badly.

I think the highlight was on our way home in the MRT. Per took out the free copy of Reader’s Digest she got and we started reading the jokes. This one’s really funny. No offence to Christians and God-loving people. It’s just a joke.

“Morning sermon: Jesus walks on water. Evening sermon: Searching for Jesus.”


Oh…and a moth took a liking to Per’s jeans and decided to hitch-hike. Jo and I on the otherhand didn’t want to be near Per coz of our dear little moth. No creepy crawlies manz. Haha…

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