bokura ga ita

Yet another film adapted from a manga series. 僕等がいた (Bokura ga Ita) is a high school romance story about a girl named Takahashi Nanami who fell for the popular boy, Yano Motoharu. Always the same trope but I never get sick of such stories. Haha.

I started out watching the anime series and liked it so much that I continued reading the manga. The anime series ends where Yano moves to Tokyo, leaving Takahashi back in Sapporo. That’s about halfway through the whole story. A lot of things happen after that. (No spoilers.)

I had high hopes for the movie, but was a teeny weeny bit disappointed. They changed a couple of scenes to fit the flow of the movie. Other than that, they managed to capture the essence of the story in two parts…kind of like an extended movie. Part one was their high school days and part two when they grew up. I thought the choice of actors was quite accurate.

Toma Ikuta played Yano, a character that has a playful streak and also a serious side. Was kinda happy that I watched this movie with Toma taking the lead role. I’ve missed seeing him on screen. Toma and YamaP came as a pair in Johnny’s, but as they grew up, YamaP overshadowed Toma. When NewS formed, I was crushed that Toma wasn’t in it. Eventually, Toma just faded away. He didn’t even debut in any group.

Yoshitaka Yuriko played the timid Takahashi. I’m not too familiar with this actress and at first thought Miyazaki Aoi would have been a better choice. After all, Takahashi is supposed to be a cute girl. But as I watched the movie, I felt Yuriko was fine.

Higa Manami played Sengenji Akiko, Yano’s Tokyo high school classmate. Akiko is the cool beauty with long black hair. What makes this character so appealing is that she has both the brains and beauty. When Manami appeared in the movie, I felt “Yes! She totally fits the Akiko character!”

Takaoka Sousuke played Takeuchi Masafumi, Yano’s best friend who also holds a torch for Takahashi. I’m ok with the choice of actor, just that I felt he looks a bit old for a high schooler. Incidentally, the actor is the ex-husband of Miyazaki Aoi. Hmmm…coincidence…

The movie ending was quite like the manga series. There is not much of an elaboration of after they got together again, yet the story does not end abruptly.

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