it doesn’t matter whether you’re black or white

Tolerance. Something that not everyone has. Sometimes I wonder why we allow society to shape how we think or act.

“The only thing wrong in this little girl’s world is the people who won’t accept her for who she is.”

Jazz was not allowed to play girl’s soccer coz she’s biologically a boy and they are afraid she’ll hurt the other girls. What bullshit! Look at her. She walks and talks like a girl! She is most definitely a girl.

Watching her swim in her homemade mermaid’s tail is just incredible and sad at the same time. She loves mermaids because they have nothing between their legs to define which gender they are.

I have nothing to say except that she is awesome and that she gives hope to transgender people. I also think her parents are awesome for not conforming to what society wants us to think or act.

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