alma mater returns

I got my first birthday present of 2014 in the form of watching Alma Mater return to her pedestal via the very cool Alma Cam. She was taken down in 2012 for restoration.

After years of braving the rain and snow, she had obtained a shade of green. This was how she looked like when I graduated.

I began checking out Alma Cam on the morning of 9 April, but due to the time difference, all I saw were drunk people passing by. At about 7pm (8am there), I got excited coz I noticed someone taking measurements. The action only began around 9.30pm (10.30am there).

Note: I didn’t think of taking screen shots earlier, so I only grabbed some when they were beginning to return her to her pedestal.

Prepping to lift her…

And she’s in the air!

Putting her down gently…

I couldn’t watch the final adjustments coz it was already midnight and I had to turn in. I suppose there was some sort of ceremony as there is supposed to be a time capsule put in her to be opened in 10 year’s time.

And here’s what I saw this morning…

Alma’s back in business with a nice bronze shade!

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