not easy being a star

Recently I’ve been collecting pictures of Morning Musume in kimono/yukata. Coz I think they look really pretty in it.

Well, since we are on the topic of MM pictures…

Newsboy cap! And it’s 2 of my favourite MM members.

Then there’s this. I like the track suit. Ermz…that’s the point. It’s not about the MM member who is wearing it. Oopz…no offense to Kamei Eri fans. Ok ok…I’ll say something good. She looks better with short hair now.

Been downloading some MM clips as well. Anybody who dreams of being a star. I’ll tell you now, it’s not easy. Watching the girls getting scolded by their dance and vocal teachers. Almost to the extent of getting insulted.

And the new generation members ought to thank the pioneer members. I think they really paved the way for the future generations of MM members. MM started out with 5 girls. Tsunku challenged them to sell 50000 copies of their first single within 5 days else MM will cease to exist. The girls had to do everything themselves. Put up posters in shopping areas. Give out flyers on the street, dropping them in mailboxes. Liasing with media companies. Now, all the new members have to do is just audition and wait to join. Or like what Per said, “show their pretty face”.

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