7ners chalet

Back from the chalet. Our steamboat dinner was also successful with a lot of leftovers. Initially I was afraid that the food would not be enough.

Checked in on Sunday which was also Mother’s Day. All the hustle and bustle, afternoon spending time with my family and then getting home in a hurry to pack up for the chalet. Afraid I didn’t feel my best making Mum feel at the top of the world. But yea, I love you, Mummy. I know how it is to be politically correct to say sorry for all the bad things I have done. But I know I will still do more bad things and then say sorry the next year and it just goes on and on. So I shan’t say sorry but just that I’m trying my best to make you feel proud of me and that you will always have the biggest place in my heart.

So off I went to the chalet. Had dinner out on the first night. Played mahjong. Haha…managed to win once. I’m still a beginner anyway. Stayed up late as usual. Per, CJ, Jo and Up sitting around talking. Up doing his card love life telling again. Strumming his guitar, telling jokes. Got a little sleep in the rather cramped bed.

Next day, a few of the 7ners went canoeing. Pwen, Jo and I went cycling with Nad on her rollerblades. After which, we lazed around till evening. Encountered a problem. The meat didn’t thaw out so dinner was quite late. Quite weird to see smoke from BBQs all round and at our chalet, 11 people huddled around a table having steamboat instead. Like I said, too much food. Per went to feed the leftover fishballs to the cats around.

And then the saboh started. It was to make up for not saboh-ing me on my birthday. Per did say anyway. PK warned me beforehand not to bathe yet. I thought they were going to dump me in the sea so actually I was anticipating that the whole afternoon. Forgot about it during steamboat dinner. Then while watching tv after dinner, Pwen suddenly asked if I was going to bathe soon. Which was a weird, out-of-the-blue question. Too suspicious. Knew it was coming.

So they hid clues and I was supposed to go “treasure hunting”. Thought then that it was something bad at the end where I had to do which would get myself dirty. Last clue was to look around the big dustbin outside the chalet. I knew then that the saboh was to bomb me with water bombs. Coz…

  1. I knew it was coming. Asking me to look around a dustbin with no clues. I knew you guys wouldn’t ask me to do something stupid like sifting through the rubbish for a clue.
  2. From the corner of my eye, I saw you guys holding stuff behind you. You cannot get away looking so damn innocent.
  3. I told you I have good eavesdropping skills. While coming out of the bedroom, I heard you guys rushing around trying to ask each other to hurry up. Same while I was looking around the bin, all trying to hurry each other up and yet not let the cat out of the bag.

Well, I knew I couldn’t run away. I was outnumbered, resisting it would be stupid. Since you can’t win, might as well join in. Got to their stash of water bombs, PK desperately trying to run away with them. Pelting each other with water bombs. Getting wet. Of course, I got totally wet but it was fun. Per tried putting ice down my back later but seriously it was no use. I mean, the water from the bombs was already cold so it makes no difference putting ice down my back.

After my bath, we just sat around, talking. Then played card games. Then talked some more till the early hours of morning. Left the chalet at around 10.15am. Went to Mac at Parkway for breakfast. Then went home.

For some weird reason, I expected to see Mum at home. Maybe I missed her. When I reached home and didn’t see her shoes at the shoe rack, it dawned on me that it was a weekday and she was at work. I unpacked everything and then went to sleep.

Wasn’t in a good mood in the evening since Sis was being unreasonable. Trying to “pull” me out of bed to go buy dinner. I tried to bargain that she left me alone and I’ll buy dinner the next 2 days. She just insisted. That got me mad. C’mon, just let me have my sleep alright?!

As you guys know, when I don’t get enough sleep, I get cranky as well. So I was almost in tears when walking downstairs. I didn’t care if I banged the door shut. Maybe God was fair, coz the stall was closed. Sis called Mum and then it was decided that everyone would walk to TM to have dinner. Worst, Sis acted like nothing happened while I was fuming away. Like stop acting so damn cute when you know I’m so mad at you.

Hmmm…so that’s an account of what happened from Sunday till yesterday. Tomorrow midnight, I’ll be leaving for China with my family. So it’ll be 2 weeks of no updates.

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