I’m back from pandaland (as Per calls it). Yes, China.

My mind is in a whirl now coz I realise I have tons to keep up with since the past 2 weeks of being offline. TCGs to keep up. New songs to download. Emails to look through. Blogs to be visited. Updating my own blog. Getting my photos in order so they can be printed on time before grandpa starts hounding everybody. And not to mention the J-music forum where I get my daily dose of Japanese stuff downloaded from.

There’s lots to be told about my trip but I’ll save it for the next entry. Right now I shall just say that it was wonderful meeting up with Per and Pwen yesterday. Checking out the yukatas, tees, shoes, hats and caps at Bugis. Per decided to try on almost every cap or hat on me but it was kinda the wrong day since I tied up my hair and my ponytail was in the way.

Then we went to the mickey shop. Trying to find the same mickey cap Masuda picked up in the NewS dvd. Had a light snack in My Secret Garden while waiting for Pwen to knock off from work.

At last, Pwen arrives and we settle down to show her some stuff we found. Had dinner at Pasta Mania.

They headed for home. I headed for Orchard to meet Sis and Desmond. Bought some stuff at Mise S*Clusive. 2 uchiwas! One Aiba, the another Masuda. They are having this sale for certain items. Buy one get one free. Yay~~~

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