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*sing-song voice* genki…yuki…koyama. *frowns and begins all over* genki…yuki…masuda. *smiles*

This has become the associative few words whenever NewS is mentioned. I remembered vaguely that it was in the first NewS vcd. Then Per kept reciting it at the chalet. And now it’s permanently stuck in my head. It was only about a week ago that I discovered the phrase was in NewS’ “NEWS Nippon”. *big smack on forehead*

Also, commented on the J-music forums about my feelings after watching the dvd that came with NewS “Touch” album.

I need a translator desperately!

Heez…this is like another entry on NewS but I really can’t help it.

I know that it’s hard for people to understand my liking for Japanese stuff unless they like it too. That’s why I’m thankful that Sis and Per are big fans of Japanese stuff as well. So I can talk all this stuff and know that someone understands my liking.

I really want to blog about my trip but everytime I find myself not having enough time to really sit down and think through. Partly coz computer time is now shared with Sis (until her computer is cleared out and reformatted) and partly coz my grandparents are around so we can’t hang around too long in the study room. They sleep early.

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