hidamari no tami craze

I didn’t even realise the ticket sales started on 16 April. Got the news of the Energy when I was in China and that was coz Desmond was checking out tickets for the Kylie concert (which has been cancelled) and he happened to see it.

So I made a mental note to check out the seating when I was back. Wasn’t hopeful since it’s about a month since ticket sales started. And I forgot till today. Well, I’m right. The good seats have been snapped up. So, I don’t think I’ll be going for it.

*consoles myself* That way you can save up money to “go crazy” in the Johnny’s shop in Japan.

Oh oh…I just checked out the Tomy website regarding the Hidamari no Tami. Recently, saw a new one. The Odoru! Hidamari no Tami. Lo and behold, I found more cute stuff. Hidamari no Mickey, Hidamari no Minnie and Hidamari no Pooh. My goodness. I’m going crazy over them now. Check out my wishlist under the links to see the picture.

I saw a new Flip Flap as well. A flower bud but it’s not as cute as the seedling one I’ve got.

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