righting the wrong

Met up with Nad for dinner. We talked quite a bit. I realised that I have misunderstood her. I am not going to say that I’m ashamed of coming up with such conclusions coz whatever I had in mind was also for her good. It wasn’t like I was about to murder her or something. But glad that I talked to her coz that’s the only way to right the wrongs.

For now, I’ll like to wish her good luck and that we *I’m sure all the 7ners* will support you as you go along. Helping you, advising you…

OMG. I have a ton of clips cluttered on my desktop, all waiting to be watched. And I’m desperately trying to position them so they won’t cover any of the NewS members’ faces *my wallpaper*. Still have backing up of entries at diaryland to do. Finished quite a bit…about half? Then there’s getting my PVs/MTVs all listed down. Too much to be done and all I’m doing now is “grabbing” whatever clip there is available for download.

One thought on “righting the wrong

  1. I’m glad I met up with you for dinner! 🙂
    Thanks a lot, actually. It shows that you care 🙂
    Oh, have fun backuping your entries in diaryland. I’m like, still trying to move my GreyMatter files from December 2003 onwards lor… =/

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