last minute packer

Yes, as everyone knows, I’m the last minute queen. But the thing is I can survive like that unless someone starts questioning and fussing over why I’m not doing this or why I’m not doing that. Then I get irritated and answer in an irritated tone and then everyone gets upset. So the moral of the story is just leave me alone, don’t talk to me and I’ll be fine.

So, will be leaving for Japan in a few hours time. I hope we get to see Kanjani8 in Ashiya. Minus Uchi of course… *cross fingers* And I hope I have enough money to get all the stuff I want.

Be back soon…in time for National Day.

4 thoughts on “last minute packer

  1. Hahaha. Ya, maybe he too sad so go home and go back to being takoyaki boy. Shu zui…be a good boy. Xiao shun fu mu. Haha…what rubbish sia…

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