closing till four

AH YES! Finally I get to blog. This week seems to be one trip to the hell hole. Thursday being the worst. I was scheduled to work till 11pm and Sis till closing. At 9pm, James (payroll manager) said I could go but since I wasn’t scheduled to get off work then, I just told him I was scheduled till 11pm. Didn’t want him to turn round and say stuff if I get off earlier. That kinda meant that I would be helping with closing.

Who would have thought that closing was such a LONG one… Since that was our first time doing closing, we weren’t familiar with the procedures. Roy (store manager) was supposed to help us out. James on the other hand was doing the paper work. So, we’re supposed to wash stuff. Sis did all the washing while I did lobby closing which meant that I had to wipe the tables, sweep and mop the floor. Lobby closing wasn’t really hard since the floor wasn’t that dirty that day coz during the day James kept telling me to sweep or mop the floor. We weren’t even halfway done with closing when Roy just disappeared. Apparently, he went home. WTH!!! He haven’t even finished teaching us what to do. And according to James, he was supposed to check the stocks in the storeroom.

Washing the teriyaki chicken grill was the WORST! All the charred bits stuck to the grill, all in a lump. We were thinking how to scrub it off. Asked James, he told us to use the sponge scrubber. HOW THE FUCK DO YOU THINK THE SMALL SPONGE SCRUBBER IS GOING TO GET THAT WHOLE LUMP OF CHARRED STUFF OFF???!!! Ended up using my FINGERS to break the bits off. DAMNIT! Earned a few cuts on my fingers. And the whole fucking time we were cleaning up all the stuff, nobody else was there to help. James was STILL doing paper work.

At 3am, yes READ THAT…THREE FUCKING AM. We thought we could finally go. By then, I got most of the charred bits off and the whole lump at the side was gone…the middle of the grill still had a bit but I kinda gave up. If I were to continue and get the whole grill sparkling *rolls eyes* clean, I wouldn’t even be able to go home. No, we weren’t allowed to go home yet. Had to wrap the damn thing in foil. Take in all the signages. By then, I was just playing and replaying in my head “Fuck you manz”.

Guess what time we could go home? 4am. Yes, READ THAT AGAIN…FOUR FUCKING AM. I don’t even know WHY THE HELL I WORK TILL FOUR FUCKING AM FOR YOU GUYS AND I GET A MEASLY PAY!!!! There’s something seriously wrong with the management. There’s also something seriously wrong with the people. Already someone has pissed me off and is now (unknowingly) branded as “死肥猪”.

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