mugendai = no uchi

OMG! I’m really going to cry now. I just downloaded (ok, bad me) the Sukiyanen, Osaka singles. Listening to Mugendai…something’s wrong. The first word “友情” should be said by Uchi. But it sounds like Subaru’s saying it instead. Something sinks in my stomach as the truth hits me, they actually went through the trouble of re-recording the song.

I remembered reading about it in the forums. I remembered Per telling me. But the news just didn’t sink into me. Maybe I felt that it was just an empty threat.

I thought my ears were playing tricks on me. I had a recording of the song way before…taken from a show. Played and replayed it. Compared it to the one from the single. Really…no Uchi. My mind flashes “TELL PER NOW!” Check MSN, she’s not online. Shall I call her and risk getting a scolding? Finally decide to call her. I woke her up from her sleep. Shit. Per, I’m so sorry I woke you up and bombarded you with the obvious. At that moment, I really really wanted to cry. HOW COULD JE DO THIS TO UCHI?!

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