can’t you read

Was so pissed off at work today. Firstly coz there was a shortage of staff today. So I ended up doing CS (clearing of tables, sending food to customers etc…) and being packer/controller (checking orders and making sure customers get what they ordered, packing food for takeaway) which was kinda crazy for me. I can’t spend too much time on one end and not bother about the other.

Secondly, I had to keep telling people nicely that they cannot bring other food in to eat at our dining area unless they order something from us as well. By the fifth person, I wanted to scream “YOU CAN’T FUCKING READ?” It’s not like we don’t have signages to inform people. And they are placed well in sight so there’s no reason one missed it. What’s more. One or 2 of these people told me that the other stalls said they could sit at OUR area to eat. So now, I wanted to scream at those stalls “WHY DON’T YOU FUCKING INVEST IN YOUR OWN SEATING!” It’s not like we’re being unreasonable. They could have struck a deal with us like, ok, you allow our customers to sit at your area and our staff help to clear the rubbish. It’s like everyone works together that kinda thing.

And it’s not like we TOTALLY don’t let their customers sit at our area. Right now it’s, as long as they buy something from us, they can also eat other food. I still have to clear their rubbish ok.

To make matters worse, the second time I brought/dragged the rubbish bag to the dumping area, I saw that damn cleaner AGAIN. The dumping area is really wet, dirty and smelly. Not to mention that I saw a few roaches running around. I have to hoist the whole HUGE bag of garbage and throw it into a HUGE container. So I saw the cleaner there, I was hoping that he would give me a hand. NO. He just stares at me and then continues with whatever he wanted to do. Pissed me off big time.

Supposed to work 4 hours today but ended up about 7 hours. *sigh*

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