i feel like i am cinderella

Well, in a way. Ah yes, my off-day from work today. Here I am, sitting in front of my computer, furiously trying to get my hands on most of the stuff. Work leaves me really tired that I can’t have much time at my computer or some days I don’t even on my computer.

So, clubbox is on with a ton of stuff. Another download going on. Another window has an upload going on. I just finished watching the subbed version for the NewS Touch album dvd. I’m watching the damn thing for the fourth time. Just that now I know what they said. Finished a cup of Oolong-cha…empty cup sits beside me.

Ah! No more sunlight. My hidamaris aren’t shaking their heads. Damn the lousy weather. I swear watching my hidamaris shake their heads is really therepeutic. I even stuff the curtains into the window rungs so that they don’t cover my hidamaris.

Talking about the weather. It has been rather crazy these few days. One minute it’s fine, the next minute there’s thunder and the pouring rain. Not even a light shower, more like a full-blown storm.

I’m going further and further away from my topic which is to say that I feel like I’m experiencing freedom only for awhile. After today, it’s back to work. Back to feeling tired. Hell, I AM feeling physically tired even if I don’t feel sleepy. Back to worrying whether I am able to pay up for this webspace and domain with the lousy pay I’m getting.

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