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Remember I said I wanted to post about my weird dream…it’s the one with NewS in it. Ok, to make it more interesting, I shall post the contents of my conversation with Per on MSN about it. Note: Like Per said, Massu makes me high.

Me: Ok ok…I quickly tell you my dream before going to sleep.
Me: Nothing wonderful…
Me: I dreamt that we were at a NewS concert.
Me: God knows where lahz.
Per: Who’s we? lol
Me: Looks like a school stage to me.
Me: Me and you and a few other people…can’t remember who.
Per: Haha so cool.
Me: Ok…I remember it’s a NewS concert but don’t know why I can’t remember seeing the other members’ faces all except for Koyama (pui pui pui) and Massu.
Me: Then suddenly this middle-aged guy comes to the front, unravels a banner and starts shouting at us.
Per: At us?!
Me: He tells us that we should all go home and stop wasting our parents’ money watching stupid idol concerts.
Per: Puuuuuuuu!?!
Per: Haha he also had to pay to go in whaaaat.
Me: Then someone from the back yells at him to go away or else he will call the police.
Per: Hahah
Me: Then the guy just starts to threaten don’t know what shit and everyone goes silent.
Per: Goes silent?! Why?!
Me: And all this time, Koyama is staring at him nervously.
Per: WAHAHAH why you go notice Koyama?!
Me: How I know…must be the siao goondu threaten to do something really bad.
Per: Lol!! Okay…
Me: Then finally the stupid fella is dragged away and the concert continues.
Per: Ahahahaha wth.
Me: But coz of all the time wasted, they only performed like 4-5 songs then that’s it.
Me: Like mini concert nia.
Per: What!
Me: Then everyone was like super pissed off.
Per: I bet that man was Tsunku.
Per: Wahahahahaha
Per: Cos he wants people to watch MM.
Me: Then that’s all…coz I woke up le.
Per: Ohhh I see.
Per: Wah no riot.
Me: Weird manz…too weird.
Per: This is a reminder to save money! So we can go to Japan again.
Me: Wah lau…don’t know why I can remember Koyama’s face so clearly some more.
Per: Hmmm
Per: Lol maybe Massu standing the other side.
Me: Massu…我对不起你了
Per: Where’s Ryo?! He would have so kicked Tsunku’s ass.
Me: Massu was behind Koyama but I remembered Koyama’s face more clearly.
Per: OH he was behind?!
Me: Stupid Koyama lahz…
Per: Wahaha!
Me: Aiyah…Massu should have just pushed Koyama to one side lahz…HAHAHA
Per: Haha why would he?!
Me: Wasted manz…
Per: Ryo would just…OI OMAE! KUROSUZO!
Me: Haha…too good liaoz…做好人
Per: Lol…
Per: Hao ren~~
Per: Smile too much lah
Me: Then can just “you are my sunshine, my only sunshine…you make me HAPPPPPYYYYY when skies are GREEEEYYYYYYYY”
Per: HAHAHAHAHA siao le siao le.
Per: High le.
Me: Ok…then must say “jikan gire”, then can shut up and go to sleep.
Me: Haha
Per: Hahaha…okays…Gdnites
Per: Sleep well ok~! <3
Me: Ok
Me: Nitez
Me: <3
Per: Byeeeee

The only other time I dreamt of Massu was when I (for some reason) was running away from him. He kept chasing me (for some reason). And he was yelling something in Japanese. I was yelling back “stop following me. I can’t understand what you’re saying, neither can you understand a word I’m saying.” Yea, I know…it’s really -_-|||

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