the craving

Omg…I have a sudden craving for Pepper Lunch’s food. Each time I open my mailbox and I see the email from Pepper Lunch regarding the addition of salmon to their menu, my stomach kinda growls.

Damn damn damn…

I’m on a downloading spree for D no Arashi episodes…wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

5 thoughts on “the craving

  1. Cas…I love the food coz you can sort of cook it the way you like. You control the amount of pepper and sauce yourself. But the downside of it is that you come out of the place smelling of the food too.

    Pwen…actually I wanted to suggest as one of 7ners “eating place try-outs” but unfortunately it’s not halal. They don’t sell pork though. Just like Mos…HAHAHA…

  2. Haha that sounds cool. I didn’t know you can cook your own food. All along I thought it was something like Yoshinoya, just buy at the counter and eat!

  3. Cas…when the food arrives, it is like half-cooked. The plate which is something like Seoul Garden’s hot cooking grill, is very hot, so you have to quickly cook the food. Like turn it over, put how much sauce and pepper you want.

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