taking the next step

So glad my blog is restored. Apparently Netrillium had some server problems.

I finally registered for SAT. And the registration fee has been increased to a whopping $118.15. *wails* Should have taken it earlier when it was still $80+. Already I’m starting to worry whether I can make it.

Trying to decide whether to quit my job by the end of November. I need time to study and prepare. Really don’t want to waste the money. Sis said that maybe I could request to just work 3 days a week but after that I’m going to still quit so it seems quite stupid also. Need to look for a better paying job.


2 thoughts on “taking the next step

  1. hmm. SATs so ex =/

    eh, do you enjoy work? if you don’t, just hang in til nov and quit. sometimes, it’s best to be happy.

    elisia says: Ya manz…that’s why die die also must make it. Or else the money damn wasted.

    I would enjoy work a lot more if there weren’t certain people around.

  2. Is there a reason, besides not making a bad impression, that is keeping you at your current workplace? If there isn’t, quit. Those employers are used to it. 🙂

    elisia says: I’m seriously considering that. I don’t really think that particular manager (James) is appreciative of the work we’ve done neither does he value his employees. All he does is nag and nag, think he damn big…getting a bit too arrogant, some more damn childish at times.

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