the good thing

Although I sort of dislike my job now coz of the low pay and certain people, but I guess there are some good parts as well.

For instance, there are the aunties who constantly crack jokes, making the day seem so much more fun. They also look after the younger crew, always asking whether we have had our break yet, making sure we don’t get bullied.

Personally, I have gained a lot more experience working for the first time in a customer service job. I have learnt to be more understanding towards any staff behind the counter, simply because now I know what it’s like. What it’s like to meet unreasonable customers. Like today, there was this lady feeding her kid at our dining area. Seeing that she hadn’t bought anything from us, I gently asked whether she was purchasing anything. Basically, we are supposed to “chase away” anyone who does not buy our stuff but sits at our area eating other food. I saw that she had a packet bought from another stall. She just answered fiercely “Can’t you wait?” Like how the hell I know whether you are or your husband is buying food from us? Manz…I just muttered “fucker” under my breath. I wasn’t already feeling damn good since I was asked to extend for one more hour…plus the fact that 6 hours and I haven’t eaten anything since 11am. Feeling rather sleepy too.

Shall continue more later…dinner now…

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