can’t get enough of you

Blogging requires total focus… *proceeds to stop Tackey & Tsubasa from belting out One Day, One Dream on winamp*

Just going to share my thoughts about a certain incident this evening.

Well, a friend of mine wanted to get a present for his girlfriend to “commemorate” (did I use the right word here?) their first month together as a couple. He wanted to get a necklace. So I was on my way home from work when I passed by Perlini’s and the next moment I felt a tap on my shoulder. He wanted my opinion on the necklaces he had picked out. Another friend who was helping him out said he had gone to almost every jewellery shop on that level.

He walked out of Perlini’s and stopped at Poh Heng. Points at 2 necklaces, asking which one is nicer. So I asked him if he had a budget. Turns out he hasn’t. Well, anyway, after getting my opinion, he went back to work and I went home.

I was thinking…what’s the point of getting something so darn expensive for a first month? *touchwood* What happens if a couple breaks-up like after another month? What is she going to do with the necklace? Well, she could continue wearing it if both end up as friends. But what if both broke-up horribly and like both totally don’t wanna see each other and don’t want to be reminded of each other? Wouldn’t it be like a total waste of money?

And I feel a gift doesn’t need to be expensive to show that you care. It’s the simplest and smallest things that leave a great impact. I feel this is going to be a copy-cat-Ling-scenario-post. Haha…thanks Ling for being my inspiration.

(on a certain day)
GF: I like eating spaghetti…love lots of sauce.
*BF quietly notes that*

(special day)
*BF surprises GF with a box of spaghetti cooked by him*
BF: For you~~
*GF tastes it…*
GF: Ermz…tastes kind weird…
*although it tastes horrible, but inside GF is on cloud9 already*

Hmmm…got what I mean? I know lahz…my scenario dialogue is like shit but you should have gotten the idea. I’m not asking all boyfriends to go cook something and in the process almost burn down the whole house but it’s about noting down the little things and surprising each other. *mutters* Yea…but now you know why I wanna learn to cook and am so interested in bentos…

Oh well, I know some people are just going to go “But you haven’t been in a relationship before what? How you know?” These are just my opinions…

I’m realistic. My *future* boyfriend need not spend money on expensive gifts or flowers. If he really really REALLY wants to give me something, he can just give me cold hard cash anytime. HAHAHA… *kidding*

I suppose now is the honeymoon stage for them. But I suppose a relationship is sort of like a “can’t get enough of each other” kinda thing. So reminds me of that line in Liz Phair’s “Why Can’t I”. The one that goes…“Isn’t this the best part of breaking up, finding someone else you can’t get enough of?

Alright, I better shut up on this incident else that friend of mine gets offended and pounds me to death. If I have offended you in anyway with regard to this entry, I apologise. *bows*

Awaiting for google’s logo to change to a Halloween themed one. Livejournal’s already got theirs up…

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