talking rubbish here

Heh hey! It’s been some time since I posted here. Well…*counts* only a few days…haha…

So what have I been doing all this while? Work, eat, sleep, computer…that’s about it. I did a new layout for my tcg trading post. Thinking of doing something for here but it’s a bit more complicated. Bottomline is…I just need more time. Haha…

Well, I’m not just going to talk rubbish here, I do have certain topics to talk on but for now, I think I’ll just go rest first. Have been working since 10am. Supposed to knock off at 4pm but somehow everyone kinda disappeared so I had to be there till almost 5.30pm. *sigh*

Haha…I just saw my Japanese pal online. Which reminds me…I haven’t sent him the photos. Damnit. *slaps myself*

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