i’m a god, not

I didn’t think I could miss someone I’ve known only for a few months that badly until today. I miss Aunty Hui Chuen~~~ *sobz* She’s gone to Hong Kong to visit her relatives and won’t be back till next Monday.

I was “thrown” into the kitchen again. Great. And James thinks I’m some god. So much for thinking I’m the MVC (MVP = Most Valuable Player, MVC = Most Valuable Crew…hahaha). Ok, so I’m not the MOST valuable crew but I can argue that I’m QUITE valuable given that I can do kitchen stuff other than cashier-ing. Not only can I do rice burgers, I can do some normal burgers as well (what they call setter).

Sure I can do some normal burgers but that does not mean I’ve superb skills. My wrapping is rubbish. I definitely cannot handle both rice burger and setter jobs at the same time. So, James thinks I can. He asked me to do this and that while he supervised a new aunty, disappeared for a smoke-break or took a darn long time at the sink area. He really must think I’m some god. Oh wait, maybe he thinks I’m a camel as well. I didn’t drink anything from the time I started work (11am) till about 2pm. On a normal basis, that would be fine. But not if I’m in the kitchen. It’s so darn hot so you get dehydrated faster. I feel it’s also mentally and physically draining. Hmmm…no wonder Aunty Ngoh can lose so much weight so fast.

I was feeling so upset, silently screaming at the people to stop coming so I can have a break from the madness. At that moment, I wished so hard that Aunty Hui Chuen was there. She taught me how to do the burgers. She gives me a little more confidence when I don’t have it. She can sense whether I was feeling down, giving me a little hug to make me feel better.

It’s at times like these that I feel I want to give up. To quit. But when the aunties are around, they save us from the madness and it isn’t so bad after all. I may seem like I’m biased since I go on and on about Aunty Hui Chuen but really, as long as there’s an super aunty (Aunty Hui Chuen, Aunty Ngoh, Aunty Mui) in the kitchen, it’s good. Thank God for them.

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