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It’s official. Just as I went to sleep last night feeling all happy coz NewS is having spring con, I woke up this afternoon to some horrible news. Kusano’s incident has been blown up and he is now “suspended” as well.

The pictures and article originated from a tabloid magazine (what I call “trashy mag”). In it, Kusano can be seen holding a what-looks-like-a-beer can in a 乾杯 position. I sort of waved it off thinking that whatever’s not officially reported cannot be believed. Then Per messaged me today saying that Kusano has been suspended. I quickly checked Yahoo! Japan news and the forum.

It is said that he has voluntarily gone into self-reflection period. What “voluntarily”?! I think JE must have pushed him into a corner until he had no choice but to say so. The same way I think how Mari decided to leave Morning Musume.

But much as I want to say that Kusano is a poor-thing, I’m also a little angry with him. He should have known better after Uchi’s incident. And LOOK! Uchi still hasn’t rejoined NewS. He should have been more careful especially since it considers underage drinking. And after Uchi’s incident, he should have known that they are all closely watched.

I also believe that he might have been celebrating his acceptance into Hosei University. So freakin’ suay

Hope his school life will not be affected since he just got accepted into university. That the incident will soon pass and he will come back to NewS again. Hopefully Uchi’s suspension will be lifted soon too.

Anyway, that means his photos and goods will be taken down in the Johnny’s shop. Great.

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