Bad news. My supposed supervisor was supposed to hand in the request for temporary staff to the director’s office. He didn’t know so anyway, he finally did. And bad news. The director did not approve, saying that their department has enough temporary staff and coz of the budget, no more new temporary staff at the moment. Which means, I can’t work in my mum’s office. Which also means, I’m jobless now.

Way to go manz. So now I have to get another job. I’m going to leave going back to Mos last coz the pay is very little.

Good news. I just recorded my voice message greeting. So now if I miss the call, you guys get to hear “Sukiyanen, Osaka”. Isn’t that better than hearing that boring Singtel greeting all the time? Quality’s crapz though.

3 thoughts on “jobless

  1. oh man.. I hate being jobless.. it sucks.. but anyway, no worries! I dun believe u can’t find another job! Try office job? higher pay… lol.. I can help u ask my friend if you want.. she works in recruit express.. she can help u find a job?

    elisia says: Hmmm…like my above reply to Nad, I’m considering Kinokuniya.

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