green peas

That’s what “Sayaendou” means.

Heehee~~~ I got both the singles!!! *twirls around*

And what did I see? A huge ass price sticker pasted over Massu’s face (and Tego’s…and Shige’s). How could they?!

This is the inner fold of the leaflet for the limited edition. Massu, forever so genki. Look at his pearly whites…he ought to be given a toothpaste endorsement.

This is the back of the leaflet for the normal edition. There seems to be an empty space beside P. Left for Kusano or Uchi? Hmmm…

This pic is found on the lyrics part of the leaflet for the limited edition. Massu doing a split. Cool~~~

Sayaendou is used as the theme song for the One Piece movie. Sounds a little bollywood-ish. Oh and it was hard to tell which part was Shige’s, he sounded so different. Like a little more fierce? Thanks to cheery who put up the romanji lyrics on the forum.

Hadashi no Cinderella Boy – omg…this song sounds so techno-ish. I keep imagining some ah beng dancing to it. Especially the front part where it goes “woohohoh”. Kinda reminds me of Akaku Moyuru Taiyou, their previous (also techno-ish) song. Omg…what if this song gets popular and they decide to play it in the clubs where those ah bengs or wannabe ah bengs frequent? *rofl*

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