completing the sentence

Taken from Ling’s blog.

1. My ex is: Ex? What ex? Don’t even have one to speak (ill) of. HAHAHA…

2. Maybe I should: get a job.

3. I love: Massu. :love:

4. I don’t understand: why money doesn’t fall from the sky.

5. I lose: at all arcade games. Lousy player nyahaha… :rofl:

6. People say I’m: Come on, say it. Say it in MY FACE.

7. Love is: magic. That MAX song…

8. Somewhere, someone is: cursing me? :rofl:

9. I will always: eat, sleep, use the computer.

10. Forever is: bullshit in some cases.

11. I never want to: *searches for an answer* drink milk???

12. I think the current US President: Whatever lahz.

13. When I wake up in the morning: I sleep in the morning. How’s that?

14. My past was: How far back do you wanna go? But I guess I’m pretty much the same back then and now.

15. I get annoyed when: people interrupt me while I’m doing something on the computer.

16. Parties are for: you to enjoy. Oh really? *raises eyebrow*

17. My dog is: make-believe. Woof.

18. My cat is: make-believe. Meow.

19. Kisses are the best when: it’s chocolate. (Hershey’s)

20. Tomorrow: I’ll be eating, sleeping and using the computer…I bet.

21. I really want: to watch a NewS concert. No money…damnit.

22. I have low tolerance for people who: ask me questions without trying first, especially on IT stuff. Who do you think I am? Some computer guru? I’m just as clueless as you are.

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