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Relax…only for the rest of this year. But that was bad enough for me to go on a mini spree, since I heard that from May (their hiatus) onwards, everything of theirs will be taken down in the Johnny’s shop. Which means that when I go to Japan this year, I won’t be able to buy anything of theirs. 😥

Massu uchiwa, Massu file and tour pamphlet. Ahahahahaha…pink spots! :rofl: Still love the uchiwa from Summary concert coz that’s the only one so far with his name in kanji. His hair is somewhat a little messier for this uchiwa. :love: The contents (photos) for this tour pamphlet is better than the previous one.

Group poster. I had doubts about getting this poster. There wasn’t a photo to show how the poster looked like when I ordered it. I was prepared to sell it if it didn’t look good. After browsing the Japan auctions, I saw the photo for it and well, it didn’t look good. But when I collected and saw it, I think it looks fine. 🙂 So, I’m going to keep it afterall.

I saved the best for last. The Massu poster!!! *fangirl scream* :heart: :heart: :heart: It’s like whoa! Huge! His face is even bigger than mine! The second photo is to show you how big the poster is with relation to the bed. Now I understand why Mini (Cynthia) freaked out when her mirror reflected Yoko’s eye. Sorry, photos had to be taken at a slant since the light’s reflection can be seen when I take it upright.

With that, I’m now seriously broke. 🙁

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