like a doll

I’m supposed to blog about Da Vinci Code but I changed my mind. Lalala… :whistle:

I’ve been playing online tcgs since last year. What’s tcg you might ask. It stands for Trading Card Game. Instead of collecting real cards, you collect pixelled cards. Jumped onto the tcg bandwagon after Nad introduced it to me. Well, I’ve been active at playing the games and all but I haven’t actually interacted with the other players till I joined La Musica tcg which is owned by Mysty. Now, I must say coz of her tcg, I’ve learnt about some artistes who are more obscure.

Thanks to Mysty and her tcg, I learnt of OLIVIA. Found out that she has been around for some time, moved out of the music scene and is now back to sing the ending theme for NANA, the anime version. The opening theme is sung by Anna Tsuchiya, another half American half Japanese girl.

Anyway, I asked Mysty for the PV for OLIVIA’s “A Little Pain” and I gotta say I’m in love with the song now. She’s so pretty…just like a doll. I’m sure you’ll agree with me.


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