wedding bells ring

Was getting a little impatient, wondering whether it got lost in the mail. Yingwei sms-ed me a week ago asking for my address to send an invitation. As everyone knows, I have short-term memory so I can’t remember dates and all. I was thinking that maybe the invitation was for Paige’s birthday. Then just a few days ago, I was surfing through Friendster, looking at random friends’ photos when I saw a photo of Clare in a wedding gown. Aha…so maybe the invitation is for their wedding?

And it arrived yesterday. Bingo. Wedding invitation. Sis immediately asked me what I was going to wear. She said I didn’t have anything more formal. Haha…so that gives me an excuse to go shopping! Hmmm…need to get a dress. 🙂

Cooked a packet of instant mee for lunch. Weird to say lunch here coz I don’t always eat lunch. I only eat when I’m really really hungry or if I’m out. Remember that irritating advertisement for it? The one that goes “1, 2, 3, 4, 5…5 new tastes, you must try. Indofood, taste of Asia. The premium dry noodles you must try.” Omg…I can’t believe I can actually remember it. Now you know why it’s irritating. Cooked the one that’s supposed to taste like Hong Kong duck noodles.

Nothing too wonderful about it. Doesn’t taste superbly like duck noodles. But the portion of noodles makes your money’s worth. The portion is more than the usual instant mee portion. Almost enough for 2 people to share.

This morning, my mind was ringing with random words from the movie. Words that would help me make my search on the internet a whole lot easier. Yes, I finally watched Da Vinci Code. Will talk more in the next entry. Gotta prepare for dinner now.

2 thoughts on “wedding bells ring

  1. I\’m gonna get a sundress or something. Pretty cool to be attending a friend\’s wedding this fast. Going on your own? Wanna go together with Xiuwei and I? Haven\’t ask her though.

    elisia says: Actually I haven\’t really thought about it coz now the immediate thing to take care of is to get a dress. But I wouldn\’t mind going there together.

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