new kid on the block has a new hostee – Lynn. Ah…she’s currently busy with her projects so nothing’s up yet. Just installed WordPress that’s all. Took the chance to update my version of WordPress as well. Yea…nothing better to do.

Ah…I forgot to add this in my previous entry. After the recording, Uncle Kel, Carol, Sis and I shared a cab home. We asked Uncle Kel whether he wanted to eat first or go straight home. He replied in this careful tone “我可以选择回家吗?” It sort of pained me (and Sis and Carol?) to hear that? Silly, of course you can choose. You HAVE the right to choose. We are not forcing you to do things you don’t want to. Friends don’t force each other to do things they don’t want to.

This brings us back to the whole “do we live to please others only or ourselves as well?” I know you want to make everyone happy but at the expense of your own happiness? It’s not being selfish. Yes, there are situations where you can make everyone happy but sometimes you just can’t. There’s a limit to everything.

I do not speak as if I know you that well. You make your own choices here.

Lucify got through this round of SuperBand. Yep, happy they got through. But the feeling isn’t scary anymore when I see them stand on the coloured boxes. Even if they didn’t get through, to have come this far, it’s good enough. Of course, if they get through the following rounds to come, it’ll be a bonus. But it’s the effort put into every performance that makes everything worth it.

Pity Qi:Nobe’s out though. Coz they wouldn’t be at the YES 93.3 event this Friday. They really make the crowd high each time they perform. This week’s performance for the competition wasn’t good though. Like everyone was just tired…

Alright, now let me rant. I was deciding whether to remove my tagboard since it’s just an extra feature here. Plus it causes pop-ups and I think there’s spyware and bots linked to it. And I saw it. This nasty comment left by an anonymous person. *rolls eyes* Let me paste the message here…

hey .. this blogg .. haiish .. usless =-= waste time ..”

Firstly, please learn to spell properly or at least type slower so you’ll make less typos. *grrr* Secondly, as I have replied, if you think my blog is useless and a waste of time, why the hell are you still reading it? Isn’t it wasting your (super precious) time? *rolls eyes* And if you have the guts to post such a comment, why don’t you have the guts to leave your name for everyone to see? Let me just LAUGH OUT LOUD in your face now. HAHAHA. :rofl: Thirdly, look whose turf you’re on now. I paid for the webspace. So it’s MY TURF you’re on…so WHAT DO YOU THINK?

People are welcome to their own opinions and views but this is definitely not trying to share your views. It’s just plain wanting to create trouble here. And no, you aren’t welcome here AT ALL.

Finally, let’s do some plugging here…check this out. It gave me a pretty start page. Was actually deciding between NewS and Arashi but finally went with NewS to match my wallpaper.

3 thoughts on “new kid on the block

  1. so poor kel… =( say until like that.. he has the right to decide to go home.. . to reply during the MSN conversation.. if i were a fan and was there, i would nicely request him to take pic then leave liao.

    lucify wont be able to remember all the fans names one. crazy those fans. if i were daring enuff, i would hv smacked them :X.
    but they have to bear with it cos they know they need the fans\’ votes.. that\’s the price of fame? =/ they hv no choice.

    but im pretty worried that if if (if la) they win, they wont be able to oblige as much as they used, then the fans gonna complain about this and that.. i have seen it happen before to Sly. =/

    im wondering you know SBZA? some fan group. dunno what la.

    elisia says: SBZA? Some fanclub for Sly? No, I don\’t know. Nahz…I don\’t really like to join fanclubs and all. I think they have too many rules and most of them claim they might go official but never do. So, no point.

  2. SBZA is just a unofficial \”fan\” group. they chase anywhere =.= even sly.. that\’s how they got to know Misaki before he was in Lucify. whatever.. haha i just like to be kpo and read their blog..

    i also dun like to join FC cos commitee members will have more previlges than normal members. so yep.

    elisia says: Actually, they would have known Sly or Lucify before they got famous if they\’ve been to the D\’J Party every year. Anyway, I recognise one of the girls. Saw her at the Sentosa event. Yea, I think more often than not, fanclub usually has a lot of backstabbing and talking behind people\’s back going on.

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