when i get back my comp

[edited at 5.16am]
I removed the tagboard as said earlier. Everyone can now comment instead.

Haha…check out the mini conversation we’re having a few posts down. :rofl:

Feeling a little bored. Dad is using my computer and I’m using Sis’s since she’s sleeping. I hope I get mine back soon coz all my stuff is there…blah ah.

Went ktv-ing with Sis and Joyce today. Hell, Party World is getting a tad too expensive. :glare: Had dinner at Pepper Lunch Express. I can never get enough of the beef stew with rice. :laugh:

As soon as Dad “returns” me my computer, I’m going to remove the tagboard. The spam comments are annoying. Thanks Per for trying to push them down while I’m not around to delete them.

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