soon leaving again

Have this nagging feeling that I won’t have time to blog about my Japan trip. I’m left with tomorrow only. After which, I’ll be leaving for the States. Away for one month.

Gawd, I feel like I’m floating around again. Disoriented. Things are moving too fast and I’m just too slow.

3 thoughts on “soon leaving again

  1. wah, going for trips and all. *envy* lots. But seriously speaking, it is good able to travel. Go around take more pictures! Go around getting to know the world.

    The states is a beautiful place. Minus the smelly subways and long bus waiting times. Well, anyway, glad to know that you are enjoying life. I think you got talent in the creative side too, why not further your studies in that area?

    Ha, speaking of this, I’m getting my blog back, will contact you once everything is up and ready. Has been away for a year in the army, now finally sometime to breathe. :p

    elisia says: Hey…haven’t seen you around in awhile. I think my aunt is the one taking loads of photos of me wherever we go. So I guess I’ll ask her to send them to me or something.

    So far there isn’t a need to take the subway or bus since my aunt and uncle drives me around. Smelly subways…I’m thinking the strong smell of ammonia in the underground. Isn’t that the same in some of the places back home? The East Coast Park underpass. We’re probably a little better since the government doesn’t allow homeless people to suddenly decide to make the underpass their home.

    I know so many have said that I have talent and should be a little more confident of myself, but why don’t I feel so? I feel like I’m always surrounded by smart kids. People who ace anything and everything. People who know what they want to do coz they are so good in something. And here I am, little ol’ me…don’t fail something but neither do I ace something. Everything is always…well, average. Even while I’m here. All I hear is so-and-so’s kid is in Harvard or is in Graduate school already. And what am I doing? Still undecided where I want to go, what I want to do.

    Are you talking about trilight? Actually I sort of found your other blog…the tribulatum one. Can’t really remember how I found it. I think it was a link from someone’s blog or something. Yes, I’m kaypoh. Aren’t we all the same?

  2. BOSS!! i dunno if u can see this..

    can u buy me bubblegum from the states..i loove their that’s it any kind will do..& i wanna hear all the stories abt the US trip exciting!

    miss u

    elisia says: *scratch head* Is the bubblegum here so different from the one in Malaysia? Coz I know you (or Up) goes to Malaysia quite often. But anyway, I’ll try to find something exclusive from here for you then. Very exciting mehz? Apart from the little culture shock here, since there are more ang mohs and you know how we Asians are more conservative, life is pretty much the same.

  3. Good luck in the US.

    Life can’t always move at a pace you like, so sometimes you need to learn to catch up! 🙂

    elisia says: Hey, how are you? Miss you. 7ners’ meetings always seem incomplete without you. Haha…miss your sarcasm as well.

    Yea, it was just a thought. But I will take your advice into serious consideration. *nods*

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