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Shall make this clear. Please do not send me any requests to add me as a friend. No, I will not connect with you, friend you or whatever with you unless it’s friendster or myspace. And that does not mean I accept anyone and everyone. Terms and conditions still apply.

Please do not clutter my mailbox. Yes, I know gmail is “invincible” with 2GB+ of space but imagine 10 such emails sitting in your mailbox everyday (ok, I’m exaggerating). Anyway, it just isn’t a pretty sight.

One thought on “connect with me

  1. That’s fierce though. I wished I had so many friend requests. You mean people have been sending you personal emails with intentions of befriending you ar? You should be honoured then! How many people will bother sending personal emails?

    I won’t mind a gorgeous looking lady spamming me with mails! :p
    Kidding la. Anyway, you’ll never know if you are turning down any potential friends. Technology has bridged the gaps of communications that people who once feared to approach ladies/gentlemen personally will find technology being a catalyst to make friends. Though I agree that friends requests from any person without a photo can freak people out. haha.

    elisia says: No dear, it’s the same people asking me to approve them on different friend programs/sites/whatever… It’s very annoying. I don’t accept friend requests from some random person. Coz usually when a guy does that to a girl, he’s looking for a potential mate. Isn’t it fishy to have tons of females in his list but no guy friends? It’s disgusting. Anyway, I don’t think I’m that interesting a person for someone to want to know me out of the blue.

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