uiuc accepted me

February 16. The day the school’s decision is made known. Although I wasn’t TOO nervous, to say I’m not nervous at all would be a lie. All the “what if”s floating around in my mind. This school had a higher cut-off point for the SAT score. My grades aren’t that wonderful. The Singapore students they have, come from good JCs with wonderful grades. What if? What if? What if?

There’s a statement on the website to say that the internet decision is not final until you’ve received the official papers through mail. But that’s one hurdle crossed right?

8 thoughts on “uiuc accepted me

  1. Wow congrats!! When’s school starting? Just out of curiousity, how much is the school fees per year?

    elisia says: Thanks. School is starting around August. I’m still waiting for a reply from DePaul. If DePaul accepts me, I might attend that school.

    For a public school, it costs around USD $20+K - $25K per year. Normally the school will provide an estimated cost for each faculty. So if you have some choices in mind, you can check out their website or email for more information. 

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