new looks

I gave kuro-chan a makeover. So, kuro-chan is now all キラキラ。Oh~超好き!!! :rofl:

I went shopping for clothes on Saturday. My hurried attempt at getting something new to wear for Chinese New Year. :rofl: Went from Bugis Junction to Marina Square. And I only ended up with one skirt. Ermz…which I won’t be able to wear for Chinese New Year. Again. Haha… *everybody pengz* I was kinda shocked to find it coz I first saw it on a website selling Japanese inspired wear and lolita clothing. First pic is from the website. Second pic is the skirt I bought.


As you can see, the skirt only goes well with a black top. So THAT’S why I can’t wear it for Chinese New Year although it is red.

One thought on “new looks

  1. the skirt is nice!
    i like it alot… been wanting to get clothes like that too… though i’m wondering how long more before i’ll feel confident that i can carry off the gothic lolita look man. @_@…

    elisia says: If you don’t try, you’ll never know. Anyway, if anytime you want to dress more Japanese (long socks, gothic etc) and need a friend to accompany you, let me know. Haha…

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