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Every once in awhile, there must be a fangirl post… :love:

It’s Berryz工房’s 3rd anniversary! How time flies. Must say they have really grown. Even their music is starting to take on a more matured sound.

Their recent release…

The picture lies. That’s coz Yurina is much freakin’ freakin’ taller. She just sticks out from the rest. I :heart: Risako’s shoes! Oh and what Per said is correct. Miyabi’s name really suits her. She’s getting prettier and prettier each time. Tsunku, don’t be biased. Since you’ve given Risako a chance at a pictorial, why not give Miyabi a chance too? :rofl:

VERY BEAUTY sounds a little more matured from their older songs. The PV was nicely shot although I kinda feel the dance is odd. Hohoho…and thank goodness Momoko wasn’t given a lead part. I have nothing against Momoko, she is a very hardworking girl. But I do have something against her awfully cartoonish voice. Risako’s vocals are ok but they tend to sound strained at certain parts. Miyabi on the other hand, is a better singer.

Of course, talking about Berryz工房 reminds me of Maiha-chan. Kinda miss her. She’s so cute.

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  1. You are absolutely right. I’m not sure why Tsunku would prefer one over the other, but all these girls are capable of being front/solo girls and should be given their chances.

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